We’ve made Servo so easy to use.

But we know you still might want help.

Servo solves the technical complexity of orchestrating ongoing campaign data and analytics across media, creative, and publishers.
We also provide the training and customer service to ensure your advertising campaigns run without friction & report with success.

  No trafficking team?

  Too many dashboards?

  No problem.

Servo is designed to be the most easy-to-use ad server in the galaxy, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to be self-service right away. If you need help running your mobile campaigns, we have awesome Ad Ops and Account Management teams who are expert users of Servo. We are ready to help you turn campaign reporting into actionable insights as a managed service – from campaign start to finish.

“Servo takes an often cumbersome trafficking process and simplifies it with a streamlined workflow. With Servo, our clients are equipped to set up campaigns at scale across all mobile formats and all mobile inventory sources. More campaigns + shortened turnaround times = happy clients.”

– Kate Pace, VP Client Services

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Get creative with us.
We’re really good at it.


Inspiration Awaits in the   CREATIVE GALLERY

We love mobile creative. We’ve built a lot of it. We practically invented mobile rich media and have helped our clients win countless industry accolades. Mobile creative is in our DNA. Whether you’re a brand looking for ideas, a media agency looking for a partner to help build a cutting edge ad execution, or a creative agency looking for assistance and the most flexible HTML5 mobile rich media platform on the market, we can help you too.

“Working with Medialets over the last few years on a variety of rich mobile media campaigns has been an absolute pleasure. From their amazing client services, to their always expanding technical capabilities, they are true leaders in the ever-changing mobile advertising landscape.”

—Keith Bellinger, Executive Producer, SSLA

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Certifying publishers is central

to our mission.

Custom mobile ad formats. Unique counting methodologies. A wide range of publisher ad servers. Sandboxed app environments. We get to the bottom of issues in advance by testing and certifying publishers to help you get the most out of their media with the least amount of trouble.

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Look who’s running on Servo…