Medialets H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report

Medialets has leveraged its mobile ad-serving platform to offer a comprehensive and media-neutral analysis of smartphone and tablet advertising performance. The H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report analyzes over 300 billion data points from mobile advertising campaigns that occurred between January 1st – June 30th, 2014 on Medialets’ ad serving platform. The Report provides valuable insights into campaign performance, using data to reveal how consumers engage with various types of mobile ads, on what device types and media environments, and the kinds of ads that are most effective to meet a campaign’s objectives. This is likely the broadest , most comprehensive report of its kind, and spans the vast majority of mobile exchanges, networks, and publishers.

The Report is intended to be an industry-wide resource that helps grow the market for mobile advertising. Despite massive growth of smartphone and tablet usage, mobile advertising remains smaller compared to desktop advertising spend. The report provides comprehensive understanding of mobile ROI, engagement, and conversions across verticals, ad formats, inventory sources, devices, environments and more. At Medialets, we want to create broader understanding in the industry that enables mobile advertising spend to be reflective of the increasingly large mobile audience.

Key highlights from The Report include:

  • Ads for entertainment brands earn much higher CTR than other categories
  • Static interstitial ads on tablets attract 2–4x better CTR than other ad unit types
  • The 300×250 ad size is both the most popular and highest performing (CTR) to drive users to product pages or app downloads
  • Ad CTRs in mobile apps perform 2x better than mobile browser-based ads
  • More than half of rich media campaigns include video as part of their creative execution
  • Rich expandable is the most popular ad format among all rich media campaigns and it also drives the highest time spent with 16 seconds average expansion time
  • Takeover or full page ads are the best performing for brand engagement on tablets
  • Demand-side platform (DSP) ad traffic grew rapidly from Q1 to Q2 2014, a 455% increase. At the same time, however, invalid traffic from DSPs remains large: 2x more bots, spiders, and other non-human impressions than publisher or ad networks.
  • View-through attribution, a Medialets metric, measures conversion after a user saw an ad and converted without any click-through. On average, view-through attribution increases total conversion for page views by 288%, app downloads by 162% and purchases by 157%.

The Report shows how consumers engage with ads on mobile in unique, powerful ways, opening up new opportunities for marketers to reach consumers in the era of mobile predominance.


About Preethy Vaidyanathan

Preethy Vaidyanathan is Senior Vice President, Product at Medialets, the essential advertising platform for mobile, tablets and connected devices. She is an accomplished product management executive with previous leadership roles at AppNexus, Vibrant Media, McAfee and Efficient Frontier.