How Do Mobile Rich Media Ads Perform?

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As marketers continue to grow their investment in mobile advertising, we’re often asked what to expect from mobile rich media ad performance. And while the performance of an ad will vary depending on factors like the quality of the creative, characteristics of the placement and–for mobile, in particular–the device on which it’s run, it’s still helpful to approach mobile with a baseline understanding of what can be achieved. To help marketers and publishers better quantify mobile advertising, we are releasing our latest set of benchmarks in the form of the Medialets Mobile Rich Media Advertising Benchmarks infographic. Based on data from Q1 2012, these benchmarks represent both tablet and handset ads that ran on mobile apps and mobile websites of the 200+ premium publishers that are enabled for Medialets rich media advertising. HIGHLIGHTS FROM Q1 2012 BENCHMARKS We focused on key metrics like Engagement Rate and Expand Rate, Time Spent and Click-Through to provide a high-level look at mobile rich media campaigns. Highlights include:

  • Engagement Rate on mobile rich media ads averages in the double-digits, and tablets drive performance higher.
  • Expand Rate on mobile rich media ads averages above 1% and remains consistently high across platforms, apps, web and operating systems.
  • Click-Through Rate averages above 1%, significantly higher than online averages.
  • Time Spent in mobile rich media ads is phenomenal, with consumers spending around 20 seconds with mobile rich media ads. It’s also notable that campaigns with features like games can drive Time Spent above 1 minute.

Those who know mobile will recognize that these metrics represent just some of the data that is available; when you’re working with mobile ads, everything is measurable – including every custom interaction taken within the creative. (Examples of custom metrics include taps on any link, # of swipes, # of form completions, # of times a game was played — the list goes on.) THE IMPACT OF VIDEO Video has also proven to be an important part of mobile rich media, in part because it’s easy to repurpose but also because consumers respond well. Data points on video include:

  • Both smartphones and tablet rich media ads leverage video, but tablets are more than 2x likely than smartphones to do so.
  • Video can significantly boost performance; mobile rich media ads that include video have an average of 35% higher Engagement Rate.

ALSO WORTH NOTING… And as we examined ad performance over Q1 2012, we also noted a few additional key points:

  • Among mobile rich media ad formats, Expandable Banners are most common, used in both tablets and handsets. While Rich Banners – ads where all of the interactivity is contained within the banner rather than in an expanded panel – are also used, they’re more common in tablets because the screen size supports larger banners in which to execute rich creative.
  • In Q1 2011, only 20% of the ads we benchmarked ran across multiple environments (handsets, tablets, mobile web and apps, Android and iOS) but in Q1 2012, that number doubled to 40%. This notable increase suggests that brands and agencies are embracing a broader definition of mobile and that publisher portfolios are growing and improving.

EXPLORE THE INFOGRAPHIC This is just some of the data we included. For vertical-specific performance and more, explore the benchmarks infographic and then contact us to learn how you can get this impact for your mobile rich media campaigns. You can see examples of many of our ads in our gallery, and we’re always happy to meet with publishers, advertisers and agencies to talk about our learnings.

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