While you weren’t watching – Mobile ate the Internet

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Mobile is the most exciting, unique, and personal channel for reaching customers today. And if you’re trying to lump it in with “digital” – without solving for mobile on its own – you’re going to fail.

According to eMarketer, this year spend on mobile will be bigger than search and display spend combined. Read More

Render Rules: Why rendered ads are the only ads worth counting

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Is less rigor around how we count mobile ads the solution for moving mobile advertising forward?

The new Impression Counting Guidelines from the Modernizing Measurement Task Force propose counting when an ad starts to render – we believe that the only ads that count are ads that finish rendering.

Shouldn’t advertisers only pay for ads that actually display in a mobile browser or app?

Shouldn’t we only calculate KPI’s and actions based on the true number of opportunities an ad could have been seen or clicked?

Shouldn’t rendered impressions be the basis for how advertisers pay for downstream services like verification and viewability?

Why should they pay for these services on impressions that never fully render a device?

We need to set standards based on what’s right for the clients, not what’s easiest in the near term. Spending isn’t catching up with consumption – especially from national brand advertisers – because there is too much perceived waste in the ecosystem. At every opportunity, we have to choose standards and approaches that enable the industry to grow and thrive with integrity.

When advertisers buy ads on TV, they know the ad will run – they can tune in and watch it. They know their print ad will run, they can buy the magazine or newspaper and see it. We need to give them the same level of confidence in digital and mobile, and the right way to do that is to set standards and have third-party adjudicators to validate their campaigns.

Demystifying Cross-Device Identity in eMarketer’s Latest Report

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We spoke to eMarketer for their latest Cross-Device Targeting roundup, highlighting some of the challenges presented by deterministic methods of device identification and tracking.

As operating systems evolve and consumers take more control, advertisers need to adapt. “We estimate 20% of all iOS users now will drop out of sharing device IDs. So if you’re just using logged in methodologies and relying on the device ID, you have huge blind spots. We believe that a combination of deterministic and probabilistic identification is the most critical thing, and we believe organizations like the MRC [Media Rating Council] should be at the center of creating audit standards for this new technology.”


According to eMarketer, 57.6% of US digital marketing and media professionals expected cross-channel measurement and attribution to occupy their time this year. In spite of this, only 48% of marketers say their company has the capability to understand cross-channel buying journeys.

Medialets’ cross-device attribution measurement solution is the most powerful way to bridge measurement gaps and get the full view of the cross-channel path to purchase. For more information, reach out to us directly. 

And for the full report, visit www.emarketer.com

Servo Innovations: Actionable Insights and Universal Tagging

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Data is the currency of our time. Relevant and actionable insights into a campaign’s performance can make a world of difference in the ultimate success of the marketing campaign. Medialets has enhanced its data products in order to aid our customers’ strategic decision-making abilities. We are announcing additional reporting dimensions and metrics to provide greater analytical power to both advertisers and publishers. We are confident that by utilizing these new data points, our clients will become better equipped to determine their marketing and optimization strategies, thereby ensuring continued success of their campaigns.
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Medialets is Expanding!

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As our clients demand global solutions and increased local-market support, Medialets is expanding by opening our first Asia-Pacific office and adding to our leadership team in North America and EMEA. We are excited to announce that Andrew Dryden will be leading Medialets APAC from Singapore, while John Ruvolo has joined Medialets as SVP Sales, North America. They are joined by Kiran Kaur, Director of Agency Sales for EMEA.

Read the full press release here.

Servo Innovations: Your Mobile Advertising Platform

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Servo is evolving! We are leveraging our mobile ad server and attribution solutions to build the central hub that unlocks the full power of mobile marketing. Over the past year, we have developed multiple strategic partnerships to create additional value for advertisers and their agencies. Now, we have taken several steps to streamline Servo’s workflow and make it even easier to leverage these partnerships while trafficking in Servo. Please read on to learn more about all the new features released today.

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The right way to count mobile ads.

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This week, in accordance with MRC changes to Mobile Ad Counting Guidelines, Medialets has updated the way we count ads served in mobile to the most rigorous methodology possible – when we receive confirmation from a device that an ad has fully loaded in-app or in a mobile web browser. Culminating six months of development, we’re adopting this approach because we believe advertisers should only count ads that work on a device.

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Servo Innovations: Taking Servo Reporting to the Next Level!

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Exciting things are happening in Servo this week! Our first 2016 release is here, and it’s taking Servo’s reporting capabilities to the next level. We are introducing Report Builder – a custom reporting tool to satisfy the most unique analytical needs. Additionally, our enhanced reporting API v2.0 delivers comprehensive coverage of campaign performance data. Finally, we are announcing a Beta version of Servo Alerts with automated notifications about any unusual activity within your mobile campaigns. Keep reading to learn all about these exciting new additions to our reporting product suite.
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Medialets and Millward Brown Digital Partner on Mobile Ad Effectiveness Measurement

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Integration of Medialets’ Servo™ with Millward Brown Digital’s Ignite Network® Enables Seamless Mobile Ad Serving with ROI Measurement

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Medialets, the only Media Rating Council-accredited mobile ad server, announced today the integration of its ad trafficking platform, Servo™, with Millward Brown Digital’s Ignite Network®. Millward Brown Digital is the world’s leading digital expert in helping clients grow great brands, offering comprehensive digital solutions to help increase marketing effectiveness. The combination of Medialets’ and Millward Brown Digital’s capabilities enables advertisers and agencies to seamlessly serve mobile ads across all ad formats including video and to accurately measure the effectiveness of mobile campaigns.
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Mobile Holiday Insights 2015

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Black Friday, a modern holiday shopping tradition, is an ever-evolving reflection of consumers’ shopping behavior. From big-name retailers opening their doors earlier to accommodate more shoppers to the christening of Cyber Monday in 2005 to reflect more online shopping, consumer behavior is trending away from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping on Black Friday.

This year, consumers have overwhelmingly turned towards shopping online – especially on their mobile devices. Medialets looked at trends in consumers’ mobile behavior this holiday season and compared it to last year’s holiday performance for the month of November.

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Four Tips for Planning Your Holiday Mobile Advertising Spend

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As more consumers turn to mobile devices when shopping online, correctly tracking and measuring mobile performance is more important than ever. Planning for mobile should be part of all advertisers’ holiday strategy.We analyzed our mobile attribution data from July through September 2015 to see which mobile trends and tips advertisers should keep in mind when planning mobile ad spend for this upcoming holiday season

Here are four ways to make sure you maximize return on your mobile advertising spend this holiday season. Email connect@medialets.com if you’d like to talk more about your mobile attribution strategy.

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Mobile Advertising in Motion: Medialets Rich Media & Video Benchmark Report, 2015

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In an ever-saturated market, advertisers are constantly looking to keep consumers engaged. With rich media and video ads, advertisers can make novel and engaging advertisements, especially on mobile devices, where content and screen real estate are at a premium. Medialets’ latest report, Mobile Advertising in Motion: Medialets’ Video & Rich Media Benchmark Report, 2015, outlines where rich media and video advertising works best and how brands can maximize their impact with these innovative ads. After analyzing ads delivered to mobile devices between January 1st and May 31st, 2015, our report illuminates the performance of interactive advertising on mobile. The report offers actionable data relevant to publishers, advertisers, and anyone looking to optimize their mobile advertising performance.

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Servo: Your Dedicated Mobile Platform! iOS 9 Security Update

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Mobile is our specialty here at Medialets. As such, we always keep a vigilant eye on any changes in the mobile ecosystem to ensure we provide guaranteed and uninterrupted service to our Servo clients. Therefore, as soon as we learned about Apple’s upcoming changes to security policies for apps running on iOS 9.0 or later, we made sure to proactively address the situation and be ready when changes come around. Read More

Servo Innovations: Simplification and Efficiency!

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We are happy to announce the arrival of our latest Servo release. The theme this month is simplification and efficiency! We have greatly enhanced a few areas in Servo, specifically focusing on time savings and ease-of-use of the entire Servo interface. This release provides the ability to attach third-party JavaScript pixels to ads via the user interface, features a tool to perform placement edits in bulk and introduces a brand-new Attribution Wizard.

Please continue reading for more details on each of the above features.

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Medialets and Tapad Partner for Comprehensive Cross-Platform Ad Serving and Attribution

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NEW YORK, NY (August 12, 2015) – Medialets, creator of the only technology that helps marketers manage and measure the complete ROI of mobile ad campaigns, today announced a partnership with Tapad, the leader in cross-device marketing technology. By the end of this year, Medialets will be able to give marketers a true 360-degree view of the consumer journey with unified cross-platform ad serving, measurement and attribution for desktop, mobile app and mobile web.

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Medialets’ Servo Earns Media Rating Council Accreditation for Rich Media and Video Served Impressions Across Mobile Web and App

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Current Accreditation for Mobile Served Display Ad Impressions and Clicks Continued

NEW YORK, July 20, 2015 — Medialets today announced that the Media Rating Council (MRC) has accredited Servo™, Medialets’ buy-side mobile ad server that effectively measures complete mobile advertising ROI, for rich media and video served ad impression measurements across mobile web and app. The MRC has also granted continued accreditation to Servo’s mobile display served ad impressions and clicks, which were originally accredited by the MRC in 2014. Servo remains the first and only mobile buy-side ad serving platform to achieve MRC accreditation across this range of mobile ad formats. Read More

Servo Innovations: Introducing Data Insights Portal!

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Servo is growing and expanding! We are excited to introduce an entirely new section in Servo called Data Insights. This new section focuses on expanding our current self-serve reporting product and lays the foundation for comprehensive reporting solutions and dashboards in the future. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new feature in Servo. Read More

Richy Glassberg Named CEO of Medialets; Eric Litman Becomes Chairman

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New York, NY, June 8, 2015 – Medialets, creator of technology that helps marketers manage and measure the complete return on investment (ROI) of mobile ad campaigns, today announced the promotion of Richy Glassberg to Chief Executive Officer. In conjunction with Glassberg’s appointment, former CEO Eric Litman succeeds to the role of Chairman.

To his new role, Glassberg brings over two decades’ experience across a wide range of digital advertising, sales, and operations disciplines. As a digital pioneer at Turner Broadcasting, he launched CNN.com’s advertising business in 1995 and drove its success globally. Glassberg was co-founder of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). Through service as Vice Chairman of IAB during formative years, he helped establish the association as the leader in digital industry standards, research, and practice. Prior, Glassberg was CEO of Phase2Media, a group he also helped to found, and he previously held various senior executive roles at News Corp.

In making the appointment, Eric Litman, Chairman said “Richy is a trail-blazing visionary who has had significant impact on digital advertising from its earliest days through to its current phase where ‘digital’ increasingly means mobile-first strategies and complex, cross-platform solutions. Richy’s expertise is core to Medialets’ development of technology, data and insights that deliver real time attribution information to our clients, and he’s precisely the right executive to lead the company’s next phases of development.