Servo Innovations: Even More Speed, New Powerful Filters, Improved Tag Management, New Reporting API & More!

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Servo’s biggest release to date!

As the mobile advertising landscape continues to grow, so do the size and complexity of mobile campaigns. Recognizing these demands, the Medialets team decided to focus on four areas of Servo development that would best meet the expanding needs of mobile marketers: lightning fast performance for large tables on Servo pages, the introduction of advanced search filters, improvements to the tag management screen, and lastly an all new, programmatically accessible reporting API. Read More


Mobile Ads: Know Where it Counts

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Mobile advertising is growing dramatically, and for good reason.

Suzanne Vranica at the Wall Street Journal shone a bright light into the dark side of the online advertising world with her article, “A ‘Crisis’ in Online Ads: One-Third of Traffic Is Bogus.”

Fortunately for all of us—advertisers, agencies, publishers, and consumers—the mobile advertising world is growing up differently; it benefits from important lessons from the web, and can use existing, accepted standards rather than invent new ones. Read More

No Heartbleed Risk

Heartbleed Exploit: No Risk to Medialets Clients and Partners

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Dear friends, clients and partners,

I have some good news—no Medialets-run servers or mobile apps were ever subject to the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability. All of your data is safe and secure. There is nothing you need to do.

If you haven’t heard about Heartbleed yet, on April 7th, researchers learned about a security flaw in certain versions of OpenSSL, a widely used encryption service. This flaw was dubbed Heartbleed, and it made it possible for attackers to potentially gain sensitive information from a system that used those specific versions of OpenSSL. Read More


IAB Urges Advertisers to Embrace HTML5. We Agree.

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The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence this week published An Open Letter from Publishers to Advertisers that urges advertisers to embrace HTML5 as the primary authoring technology for digital advertising. This will not only help to create better mobile advertising today, but also prepare agencies for the “cross-platform” advertising of the near future.

We couldn’t agree more. And we think that the previous 5+ years of leading the industry with innovative HTML5 advertising solutions that have empowered brands to make an impact on mobile devices is proof that great mobile ad creative can and is being built with HTML5 today. Just check out our Gallery for a few (hundred) good examples. And with the recent launch of Servo, advertisers now have access to the best mobile ad serving platform in the industry that efficiently delivers and thoroughly measures HTML5 advertising to virtually any mobile app or website.

Read More

Medialets Launches Servo™, Industry’s First Buy-Side Mobile Ad Serving Platform to Receive MRC Accreditation to Authoritatively Measure and Accurately Attribute Mobile Advertising

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Servo is the first Buy-Side Mobile Ad Serving Platform to Receive Media Rating Council (MRC) Accreditation for Display Impressions and Clicks

New York, NY (February 5, 2014) – Today, as part of ongoing efforts to enable brands and their agencies to more accurately measure and connect with mobile consumers, Medialets, Inc. announces the launch of Servo.™

The industry’s first buy-side mobile ad serving platform to receive MRC accreditation for display impressions and clicks, Servo is able to effectively measure and attribute mobile advertising while making it more efficient to create, serve and track all mobile formats including standard, video, rich media, and search. Read More


Introducing Servo: advanced serving, measurement and real attribution for mobile

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The topic that comes up most frequently in conversations we have with marketers, and the one that dominates the mobile conference circuit, is measurement. How do you measure mobile, and how do you know the numbers are right? How do you know that a dollar invested in mobile is worth a dollar – or more! – than a dollar invested in any other channel? The audience numbers and growth of usage are staggering, but without real, consistent, attributable metrics it’s difficult to justify significantly shifting spend based on anything more than intuition. Read More


Medialets’ Groundbreaking Mobile Video Ad for the new SHOWTIME® Original Series Ray Donovan Takes Over The New York Times iPad App

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On June 30th, dozens of eye-catching expandable banner and full-page interstitial ad units will take over the pages of the New York Times iPad app, inviting readers to “Meet Ray,” Liev Schreiber’s leading role in the new Showtime® Original Series Ray Donovanpremiering the same Sunday evening. Medialets conceptualized and developed the groundbreaking creative specifically for the New York Times iPad app in collaboration with Showtime and OMD. Read More


Medialets Brings Better Measurement to Mobile Advertising

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Today we’re excited to share that Medialets, the essential third-party ad serving and rich media platform for mobile and tablets, has applied for Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation, and is currently being audited by the MRC for its compliance with the IAB/MMA/MRC Mobile Web and Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines. The new guidelines address a core frustration for the mobile ecosystem – the lack of standards in mobile measurement – in order to establish greater consistency, accuracy and trust in mobile advertising. Read More


Welcome Lynn Bolger, Medialets SVP of Agency Relations

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Today we are thrilled to share the newest addition to the growing Medialets team, Lynn Bolger. In the newly created role of Medialets Senior Vice President of Agency Relations, Lynn will support the growth of Medialets’ third-party ad serving and rich media platform by providing the strategic guidance, support and training that agencies need to effectively scale their mobile capabilities. Read More


The Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising are Powered by Medialets

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Today Business Insider published their list for “The Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising.” It’s a stellar round up of mobile innovators, including Medialets’ own CEO and founder Eric Litman.

While we are delighted to be on the list, we are even more excited about how our platform has helped to support and reinforce the tremendous creativity of the advertising community at large. Medialets’ technology powered the noted works of several individuals on the list, including Westin’s Wipe Away Your Weather (The Weather Channel) and VivaKi’s Tablet Study for “GoodYear’s Most Innovative Rich Media iPad Ad”.

Most notably, Medialets’ platform powered the Pepsi Max iPad ad, the ad unit that exemplified the work of Andrea Harrison, director of digital engagement at PepsiCo, and Business Insider’s pick for The #1 Most Creative Person in Mobile Advertising.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

See the full article in Business Insider.


Medialets CEO Eric Litman to Speak at the 2013 IAB Mobile Marketplace

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Medialets Chairman and CEO Eric Litman will speak at the 2013 IAB Mobile Marketplace on Thursday, April 11th.

Eric will join Joe Laszlo, Senior Director of IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, to provide expert insights on mobile measurement. They will be identifying the drivers and prohibitors of mobile measurement, informing attendees about the “IAB Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines”, and explaining how they will allow for in-app advertising to evolve and mature.

The 2013 IAB Mobile Marketplace will take place on Thursday, April 11th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York, NY. The conference will feature expert insights, deep-dive track sessions, and interactive town-hall discussions to clearly define the state of mobile marketing.

For more information or to register, visit 2013 IAB Mobile Marketplace.


The Tablet Lane Results are In

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You may recall that back in August we announced that Medialets was selected as ad server for VivaKi’s The Pool’s Tablet Lane.

Tracey Scheppach, EVP, Innovations Director at VivaKi, shared why they chose Medialets for the building, tracking and serving all advertising executions tested during the lane’s live field trial:

“Our goal was to find a technology partner who was really excited about this project and aligned with our goals, and Medialets really differentiated themselves in that regard. Eric [Litman] and his entire team have brought an incredible amount of energy and passion to this initiative since Day One, and we’re excited to move forward with them as part of the lane.”

Today, on the birthday of the tablet, we’re excited to share that VivaKi has released the results of the comprehensive study. A large data-rich overview of the tablet landscape and The Pool’s extensive research study can be found in an app entitled “The Pool – The Tablet Lane,” now available for download in the Google Play ( and Apple App stores ( See the complete announcement here. Read More


Medialets CEO Eric Litman to Keynote at SES 2013

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Medialets Chairman and CEO Eric Litman will be a keynote speaker at Clickz’s upcoming SES New York conference.

Eric joins the  March 26th Afternoon Keynote Panel “Mobile Marketing: Connecting with your Audience on the Move” with ESPN’s Michael Bayle and Google’s Brendon Kraham from 2-3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Dana Todd, SVP Global Marketing for Performics, will moderate.

SES New York will take place March 25-28, 2013, and provides marketing professionals, brand advertisers, agencies, and business leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to traverse the dynamic digital landscape.

To view the press release, click here.

For more information or to register, visit SES Conference New York.