Richy Glassberg Named CEO of Medialets; Eric Litman Becomes Chairman

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New York, NY, June 8, 2015 – Medialets, creator of technology that helps marketers manage and measure the complete return on investment (ROI) of mobile ad campaigns, today announced the promotion of Richy Glassberg to Chief Executive Officer. In conjunction with Glassberg’s appointment, former CEO Eric Litman succeeds to the role of Chairman.

To his new role, Glassberg brings over two decades’ experience across a wide range of digital advertising, sales, and operations disciplines. As a digital pioneer at Turner Broadcasting, he launched’s advertising business in 1995 and drove its success globally. Glassberg was co-founder of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). Through service as Vice Chairman of IAB during formative years, he helped establish the association as the leader in digital industry standards, research, and practice. Prior, Glassberg was CEO of Phase2Media, a group he also helped to found, and he previously held various senior executive roles at News Corp.

In making the appointment, Eric Litman, Chairman said “Richy is a trail-blazing visionary who has had significant impact on digital advertising from its earliest days through to its current phase where ‘digital’ increasingly means mobile-first strategies and complex, cross-platform solutions. Richy’s expertise is core to Medialets’ development of technology, data and insights that deliver real time attribution information to our clients, and he’s precisely the right executive to lead the company’s next phases of development.


Servo Innovations: Multiple Click-Throughs, Sleeker Navigation, International Currency Support, & More!

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We are very excited to announce the next release of Servo! It includes a number of enhancements that enable our clients to expand their business on the Servo platform! Read on for all the details, and as always, reach out to your Medialets Account Manager if your team has any questions.

Servo now supports customizing multiple click-through URLs in your rich media creatives!

You can now customize the URL for each unique click-through in your rich media creatives right from Servo! When uploading your rich media bundle, include a simple config file that defines the different click-throughs in your creative, along with the default landing page for each CTA.


When you upload a rich media creative, Servo automatically detects the CTAs and URLs defined in your config file.


When you are creating an ad, you can choose to use the default fallback URLs from the creative’s config file or you can assign custom URLs (i.e. click trackers) for each CTA.



Servo’s Campaign Index features a sleeker design for more intuitive navigation!

We have listened to feedback from our clients, and the result is a simpler view of all your campaigns. Now all the relevant campaign information is clearly visible and you can quickly navigate to various areas within each campaign, such as your tags or campaign reports, with a single click.


For a quick snapshot of each campaign’s performance, hover your mouse over the reporting icon and click on the i  button that appears.

Servo now supports International Currency for our clients across the globe!

While creating an advertiser instance, Servo admins can now specify the currency applicable to every campaign for a particular advertiser. Currently, the default currency for all advertiser clients is US dollars.

Servo now has more inclusive searches across your Instance!

The search functionality is expanded to now perform a search using a single keyword so that you no longer have to enter the entire campaign, placement, creative, ad, or tag name. Campaign Managers often name their campaigns, placements, ads and tags with long strings separated by special characters. You can now search for individual reference strings or keywords between these special characters to see a complete list of all items that contain that reference string or keyword.

Servo’s User Manual keeps growing!

Have you taken a moment to read through our comprehensive Servo User Manual? As we release new product features and enhancements, we continue to invest in documentation for our clients. There are inline instructions to ensure you know how to use all of Servo’s features. Our Servo User Manual on Zendesk includes a library of step-by-step articles that walk you through every component and process within Servo. Watch this resource for some exciting additions in the coming months!

Servo: The only constant is innovation.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s a talented team of experts constantly conspiring to help make mobile marketing easier, you’re absolutely right! The Medialets team is dedicated to bringing constant innovations to Servo that empower agencies and brands. To learn more about what’s next for mobile ad serving, subscribe to our blog feed (RSS), follow @Medialets on Twitter, reach out to your Medialets Account Manager or contact us.


Servo Innovations: Automated Publisher-Compliant Ad Tags, Streamlined Trafficking Workflow, & One-Click Tag Distribution!

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We are very excited to announce the next release of Servo! It includes an all-new tag management process, workflow improvements, and more! Read on for all the details, and as always, reach out to your Medialets Account Manager if your team has any questions.

Now Introducing…

Macro_Mag150…enhanced tag structure!

Servo ad tags now leverage our comprehensive Servo Publisher Certification Database so that each ad tag is automatically generated to include publisher-specific tag requirements.


Generate_150…streamlined trafficking workflow!

The streamlined trafficking workflow within Servo increases efficiency by automating processes, reducing the overall required actions to generate campaign tags.


Email_150…quick and easy tag distribution from Servo!

You can now distribute tags directly from the Servo UI via email.


What does Servo’s enhanced tag structure mean for you?

With the newly enhanced tag structure, Servo users can leverage our comprehensive Servo Publisher Certification Database for all campaigns. Each Servo ad tag is automatically generated to adhere to each publisher’s specific tag requirements, removing the need to manually customize or edit campaign tags before Publishers can schedule tags for delivery. This is a complete shift from the current process, where detailed instructions are provided to the Publisher to manually modify Servo ad tags to insert their specific requirements for each tag running on their property.

Benefits to Publishers

  • Servo’s Publisher Certification Database is now the most comprehensive publisher macro library, documenting the specific tag requirements for each of our certified publisher partners. This ensures that all Servo ad tags are exported in launch-ready format.
  • Publisher AdOps teams no longer need to manually update tags with their macros or add format specific specs for each new ad tag they have to traffic. This leads to significantly less resource time to get campaigns live.

 Benefits to Clients

  • The intuitive tag generation makes trafficking your campaigns with Servo more autonomous for a fully self-service tool – no manual configuration required.
  • Less manual configuration reduces the risk of human error.

Example of current tag structure that accompanies instructions for Publisher to manually modify the placeholders in the green boxes:


Example of the newly enhanced tag structure for Publishers using the DFP Premium 1st Party Ad Server with macros automatically included in the campaign tag generated from Servo:


Example of the newly enhanced tag structure for RTB Publishers with macros automatically included in the campaign tag generated from Servo:


What does Servo’s streamlined trafficking workflow mean for you?

We’ve reduced the workflow to 6 easy steps between creating your campaign to generating tags. More importantly, we’ve eliminated the need for Publishers to manually configure each campaign tag before settings tags live.

Servo immediately notifies you when Publisher tag requirements change.

In order to maintain a comprehensive Publisher Certification Database, our team constantly monitors Publisher environments for changes. When our team discovers a change to the tag requirements for a Publisher property, Servo notifies you which of your campaign tags are affected by the changes. Within Servo, you will see a prompt to regenerate tags so that your ad tags are compliant with the most current Publisher tag requirements. You can easily filter to view all tags that need to be regenerated using Servo’s filtering options.

Servo automatically marks your creatives ready for trafficking when you’ve assigned them to a placement.

No more marking individual creatives ready, one at a time! With the newly streamlined trafficking workflow, you simply need to confirm that the creative you’ve assigned to a placement is indeed ready and Servo will automatically change the creative’s status and generate the tag.


How has Servo made it easier to distribute tags?

Instead of downloading and managing large Excel or csv files with all of your campaign tags, you can now email your ad tags directly to Publisher teams without downloading a single file or ever leaving your Servo screen! Select the tags you would like to send and then click on the email icon next to the Publisher Property name.
The contact information and email address that is associated with the property automatically populates in the email prompt. You also have the option to include additional recipients by clicking on the cc button and adding email addresses.

Servo: The only constant is innovation.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s a talented team of experts constantly conspiring to help make mobile marketing easier, you’re absolutely right! The Medialets team is dedicated to bringing constant innovations to Servo that empower agencies and brands. To learn more about what’s next for mobile ad serving, subscribe to our blog feed (RSS), follow @Medialets on Twitter, reach out to your Medialets Account Manager, or contact us.


Medialets is Proud to Join the WPP Family

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I am tremendously excited to announce that Medialets has been acquired by WPP, the world’s largest communications services group.

The acquisition comes at a time of explosive growth for Medialets, and we have you, our customers, to thank for that. Our volume has increased more than 4x since September of last year, and January, February and March, typically slower months in advertising, were each successively higher than an already big December for us. On behalf of the entire Medialets team, and the innumerable individuals who have contributed so much since our founding in 2008, thank you. Words can not express how grateful I am for the incredibly hard work that has taken us so far.

And now, our future is brighter than ever.

As part of the WPP family, Medialets will continue to operate as it always has— independently. We will continue to provide the same excellent mobile marketing products and services to every brand and every agency with whom we work, and we will continue to service the advertising community as a whole. All mobile campaigns running through Servo™ will continue to function exactly as they have, and all customer data remains individually siloed and secure within each team’s Servo instance. Our MRC accreditation assures that.

WPP’s commitment to bring in additional resources to help us grow means you can look forward to new features, new functionality, and new platform integrations rolling out at an ever-increasing pace. In particular, we will be putting big focus on expanding our attribution capabilities, strengthening offers around creating safe environments for brand advertisers, and significantly growing our ability to identify users and devices. Servo is just going to keep getting better and stronger, faster than ever. And we’re looking for more great people to help with the tremendous expansion ahead.

This is a bold move by WPP, and we’re delighted to be a part of it.

With an invigorated and growing team, and the world’s largest agency holding group backing us, our ongoing commitment to provide the best mobile measurement platform available is made all the more significant. We can’t wait to share tomorrow with you.

Please reach out to me directly with any questions and thoughts.

Eric Litman
CEO, Medialets

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Servo Innovations: Now with Improved Ad Creation, Fast Bulk Editing, & More!

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Every Servo release strives to be the biggest ever, and today’s continues that trend with  significant improvements to three areas of Servo: the main landing page, the campaign reporting section, and perhaps most significantly, the ad building screen.

New Campaign Index page


The Campaign Index page has received a complete overhaul. Campaign start and end dates are now positioned alongside the campaign’s status icon. There is also a new easy-to-read visual that illustrates how far along the campaign has run in terms of its start and end dates.

Additionally, there is now the ability to navigate directly to the various areas within each campaign such as your tags or campaign reports. And if, for example, a campaign does not have any placements, creatives, or ads you can launch directly into the creation process right from the campaign index page. Fewer clicks and page loads means even faster campaign trafficking.



When the campaign reports section was launched, the default date range was the past 30 days. Thanks to some behind-the-scenes speed improvements, the default reporting date range is now “campaign to date.” A complete overview of your campaign’s performance from day one is now shown immediately. The reporting date range selector now also includes a shortcut to choose the campaign’s entire date range with a single click. This new default date range applies to both Advertiser and Publisher reporting.

Ad Index


The biggest improvements in Servo’s latest release have been on the advertisement index and building experiences.

Our team noticed that users sometimes had challenges reading and following some of the more complicated (longer) naming schemes used for creatives and placements within their campaigns. In addition to readability, overall browser performance was sometimes an issue, especially as the size of a campaign grew. Campaigns containing thousands of ads would sometimes cause web browsers to behave sluggishly. Fundamental improvements to the entire ad building process had to be made.

The advertisements main screen now contains a tabbed layout. You’ll see a tab for your existing ads, one for placements that have not yet been trafficked and the same for creatives. Now it is immediately clear which objects have or have not been trafficked. Newly uploaded creatives and placements can be located instantly.

The visual layout of each row on the main advertisements screen has also been optimized especially to help traffic larger, complex campaigns more easily. Longer ad names can now be read more clearly and attributes are arranged and grouped in more intuitive ways. Details about each attribute appear just by hovering over them—no need to click and open the single view of the ad.

1×1 Creation

When creating 1×1 impression trackers, Servo now automatically creates your advertisements for you. In the previous version of Servo, each 1x1s ad had to be created manually. That was more cumbersome, especially if you had to make the same change to many 1x1s.

And that leads us to the most significant part of the latest Servo release…

Bulk Editing of Advertisements44.24.34.4

One of Servo’s most highly-requested features is finally ready. Editing hundreds or thousands of ads simultaneously in Servo is as simple as using everyone’s favorite spreadsheet format: XLS. On the main Ads page, start by clicking the “Download traffic sheet” button. Within seconds, the complete list of all ads and their settings in your campaign is downloaded in XLS format. Edit the file as needed, then just upload it to Servo.

 Attributes that can be bulk edited:

  • Click-through URLs
  • Impression tracker URLs
  • Redirect URLs
  • Start and end dates (and time)
  • Rotation and weighting

To maintain data integrity, Servo scans your uploaded traffic sheet for any accidental errors or omissions, and provides user friendly warnings related to changes that may have unforeseen effects.

Bulk editing can only be used to make edits to existing ads; Servo must still be used to define the relationships between placements and creatives.

Ad Building

The ad building process also benefits from increased speed and time saving features. When trafficking a placement or a creative, search speed has been significantly improved. We have also cleaned up the single ad layout design by reducing the vertical space.

Rich Media Click-throughs

Click tracker URLs can now be set for ads that use rich media creatives. As long as the creative development team has implemented the Servo Rich Media API, ad ops teams can now specify the click tracker for rich media creatives, the same way they’ve always been able to for other types of creative.

Servo: The only constant is innovation.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s a talented team of experts constantly conspiring to help make mobile marketing easier, you’re absolutely right! The Medialets team is dedicated to bringing constant innovations to Servo that empower agencies and brands. To learn more about what’s next for mobile ad serving subscribe to our blog feed (RSS), follow @Medialets on Twitter, reach out to your Medialets Account Manager or contact us.


Servo Innovations: Self-Serve Reporting, Integrated Knowledge Base, & More

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We are excited to announce the next release of Servo, appearing in your web browser first thing tomorrow morning! It includes an all new self-serve reporting interface (beta) as well as a fully integrated knowledge base, and more! Read on for all the details. And as always, just reach out to your Medialets Account Manager if your team has any questions. Read More


How People Shop on Mobile & Tablets—and When

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This infographic summarizes how and when consumers make online purchases through handsets and tablets, based on data from our latest Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report. We release these benchmarks to help advertisers and publishers understand how their ads are performing on mobile—and to offer suggestions for getting even better ROI from their future campaigns. Read More


The True ROI of Mobile Ads: Introducing Medialets’ Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report, Q3 2014

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Ads on handsets and tablets are far more effective than even advertisers realize. That’s the core takeaway from our latest report—Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report, Q3 2014—which focuses on every advertiser’s favorite topic: Conversions, and more broadly, the issue of attribution in mobile ads. Based on a deep analysis of 240 billion data points delivered to devices between July 1st and September 30th, 2014, our report establishes just how effective mobile and tablet ads really are. The report offers actionable data relevant to publishers, advertisers, and anyone interested in the future of content on mobile (especially in the run-up to the 2014 holiday shopping season).


Below is a summary of the most important takeaways, beginning with more on the very top-line findings: Read More


Medialets Featured in Pivotal Research’s Report on Understanding Mobile Advertising Today—Here’s 3 Key Points

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Pivotal Research Group recently asked Medialets to provide an overview of the mobile advertising industry, noting that we’re a partner with Facebook’s Atlas and (as they put it) “a preferred vendor with five of the world’s largest agency holding companies.” It’s a gratifying affirmation of our progress as a company to be an expert resource for a top research firm like Pivotal, and the report itself is an excellent survey of the space. Here’s some core takeaways: Read More


Medialets to Bring Comprehensive Mobile Ad Management & ROI Measurement to Facebook’s New Atlas Platform

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Medialets now participating in Atlas’ open ecosystem

ADVERTISING WEEK, NEW YORK—September 29, 2014—Medialets today announced it is an advertising technology partner for Atlas, launched today by Facebook at Advertising Week in New York City. Through this partnership, advertisers and publishers using Atlas can tie their campaigns to the Medialets’ Servo™ platform to deliver high-engagement mobile ad units and better manage and fully measure the ROI of their ad spend. Read More


Medialets H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report

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Medialets has leveraged its mobile ad-serving platform to offer a comprehensive and media-neutral analysis of smartphone and tablet advertising performance. The H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report analyzes over 300 billion data points from mobile advertising campaigns that occurred between January 1st – June 30th, 2014 on Medialets’ ad serving platform. The Report provides valuable insights into campaign performance, using data to reveal how consumers engage with various types of mobile ads, on what device types and media environments, and the kinds of ads that are most effective to meet a campaign’s objectives. This is likely the broadest , most comprehensive report of its kind, and spans the vast majority of mobile exchanges, networks, and publishers. Read More


Servo Innovations: Publisher Certifications

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In the mobile advertising world, every inventory source is unique, one must consider a publisher’s ad serving platform, their apps and SDKs, website codebase, the supported ad formats, and methods for measuring impressions. Whatever the specific setup entails, one truth is constant: ad traffickers need flexible and powerful tags that can easily be tailored for any scenario. Read More

Servo Total Attribution

Introducing Servo Total Attribution: the most advanced attribution solution for mobile

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Advertisers know they need to reach an ever-expanding mobile audience. According to a 2014 Millward-Brown study, consumers now spend almost twice the time on a mobile device as they do on a desktop computer. But without the ability to genuinely compare the value of a dollar spent in mobile vs. a dollar spent in other media channels, most advertisers have not adopted mobile media at a rate that even comes close to consumers’ embrace of the medium. In no small part due to this, mobile ad revenue still remains small relative to desktop. Read More


Servo Innovations: Even More Speed, New Powerful Filters, Improved Tag Management, New Reporting API & More!

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Servo’s biggest release to date!

As the mobile advertising landscape continues to grow, so do the size and complexity of mobile campaigns. Recognizing these demands, the Medialets team decided to focus on four areas of Servo development that would best meet the expanding needs of mobile marketers: lightning fast performance for large tables on Servo pages, the introduction of advanced search filters, improvements to the tag management screen, and lastly an all new, programmatically accessible reporting API. Read More


Mobile Ads: Know Where it Counts

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Mobile advertising is growing dramatically, and for good reason.

Suzanne Vranica at the Wall Street Journal shone a bright light into the dark side of the online advertising world with her article, “A ‘Crisis’ in Online Ads: One-Third of Traffic Is Bogus.”

Fortunately for all of us—advertisers, agencies, publishers, and consumers—the mobile advertising world is growing up differently; it benefits from important lessons from the web, and can use existing, accepted standards rather than invent new ones. Read More