Servo Innovations: Self-Serve Reporting, Integrated Knowledge Base, & More

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We are excited to announce the next release of Servo, appearing in your web browser first thing tomorrow morning! It includes an all new self-serve reporting interface (beta) as well as a fully integrated knowledge base, and more! Read on for all the details. And as always, just reach out to your Medialets Account Manager if your team has any questions. Read More


How People Shop on Mobile & Tablets—and When

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This infographic summarizes how and when consumers make online purchases through handsets and tablets, based on data from our latest Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report. We release these benchmarks to help advertisers and publishers understand how their ads are performing on mobile—and to offer suggestions for getting even better ROI from their future campaigns. Read More


The True ROI of Mobile Ads: Introducing Medialets’ Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report, Q3 2014

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Ads on handsets and tablets are far more effective than even advertisers realize. That’s the core takeaway from our latest report—Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report, Q3 2014—which focuses on every advertiser’s favorite topic: Conversions, and more broadly, the issue of attribution in mobile ads. Based on a deep analysis of 240 billion data points delivered to devices between July 1st and September 30th, 2014, our report establishes just how effective mobile and tablet ads really are. The report offers actionable data relevant to publishers, advertisers, and anyone interested in the future of content on mobile (especially in the run-up to the 2014 holiday shopping season).


Below is a summary of the most important takeaways, beginning with more on the very top-line findings: Read More


Medialets Featured in Pivotal Research’s Report on Understanding Mobile Advertising Today—Here’s 3 Key Points

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Pivotal Research Group recently asked Medialets to provide an overview of the mobile advertising industry, noting that we’re a partner with Facebook’s Atlas and (as they put it) “a preferred vendor with five of the world’s largest agency holding companies.” It’s a gratifying affirmation of our progress as a company to be an expert resource for a top research firm like Pivotal, and the report itself is an excellent survey of the space. Here’s some core takeaways: Read More


Medialets to Bring Comprehensive Mobile Ad Management & ROI Measurement to Facebook’s New Atlas Platform

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Medialets now participating in Atlas’ open ecosystem

ADVERTISING WEEK, NEW YORK—September 29, 2014—Medialets today announced it is an advertising technology partner for Atlas, launched today by Facebook at Advertising Week in New York City. Through this partnership, advertisers and publishers using Atlas can tie their campaigns to the Medialets’ Servo™ platform to deliver high-engagement mobile ad units and better manage and fully measure the ROI of their ad spend. Read More


Medialets H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report

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Medialets has leveraged its mobile ad-serving platform to offer a comprehensive and media-neutral analysis of smartphone and tablet advertising performance. The H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report analyzes over 300 billion data points from mobile advertising campaigns that occurred between January 1st – June 30th, 2014 on Medialets’ ad serving platform. The Report provides valuable insights into campaign performance, using data to reveal how consumers engage with various types of mobile ads, on what device types and media environments, and the kinds of ads that are most effective to meet a campaign’s objectives. This is likely the broadest , most comprehensive report of its kind, and spans the vast majority of mobile exchanges, networks, and publishers. Read More


Servo Innovations: Publisher Certifications

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In the mobile advertising world, every inventory source is unique, one must consider a publisher’s ad serving platform, their apps and SDKs, website codebase, the supported ad formats, and methods for measuring impressions. Whatever the specific setup entails, one truth is constant: ad traffickers need flexible and powerful tags that can easily be tailored for any scenario. Read More

Servo Total Attribution

Introducing Servo Total Attribution: the most advanced attribution solution for mobile

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Advertisers know they need to reach an ever-expanding mobile audience. According to a 2014 Millward-Brown study, consumers now spend almost twice the time on a mobile device as they do on a desktop computer. But without the ability to genuinely compare the value of a dollar spent in mobile vs. a dollar spent in other media channels, most advertisers have not adopted mobile media at a rate that even comes close to consumers’ embrace of the medium. In no small part due to this, mobile ad revenue still remains small relative to desktop. Read More


Servo Innovations: Even More Speed, New Powerful Filters, Improved Tag Management, New Reporting API & More!

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Servo’s biggest release to date!

As the mobile advertising landscape continues to grow, so do the size and complexity of mobile campaigns. Recognizing these demands, the Medialets team decided to focus on four areas of Servo development that would best meet the expanding needs of mobile marketers: lightning fast performance for large tables on Servo pages, the introduction of advanced search filters, improvements to the tag management screen, and lastly an all new, programmatically accessible reporting API. Read More


Mobile Ads: Know Where it Counts

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Mobile advertising is growing dramatically, and for good reason.

Suzanne Vranica at the Wall Street Journal shone a bright light into the dark side of the online advertising world with her article, “A ‘Crisis’ in Online Ads: One-Third of Traffic Is Bogus.”

Fortunately for all of us—advertisers, agencies, publishers, and consumers—the mobile advertising world is growing up differently; it benefits from important lessons from the web, and can use existing, accepted standards rather than invent new ones. Read More

No Heartbleed Risk

Heartbleed Exploit: No Risk to Medialets Clients and Partners

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Dear friends, clients and partners,

I have some good news—no Medialets-run servers or mobile apps were ever subject to the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability. All of your data is safe and secure. There is nothing you need to do.

If you haven’t heard about Heartbleed yet, on April 7th, researchers learned about a security flaw in certain versions of OpenSSL, a widely used encryption service. This flaw was dubbed Heartbleed, and it made it possible for attackers to potentially gain sensitive information from a system that used those specific versions of OpenSSL. Read More


IAB Urges Advertisers to Embrace HTML5. We Agree.

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The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence this week published An Open Letter from Publishers to Advertisers that urges advertisers to embrace HTML5 as the primary authoring technology for digital advertising. This will not only help to create better mobile advertising today, but also prepare agencies for the “cross-platform” advertising of the near future.

We couldn’t agree more. And we think that the previous 5+ years of leading the industry with innovative HTML5 advertising solutions that have empowered brands to make an impact on mobile devices is proof that great mobile ad creative can and is being built with HTML5 today. Just check out our Gallery for a few (hundred) good examples. And with the recent launch of Servo, advertisers now have access to the best mobile ad serving platform in the industry that efficiently delivers and thoroughly measures HTML5 advertising to virtually any mobile app or website.

Read More