Servo: the most advanced mobile ad server.

Ad serving. Media measurement. Advanced attribution.

And the only buy-side mobile ad server with MRC accreditation.

Servo’s exclusive mobile attribution reporting and efficient workflow make mobile campaigns easy to create, deliver, and measure using any creative in any format—standard, video, rich media, or search.

MRC Accredited Measurement
Real Mobile Attribution

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“Servo is a work of art.”


It’s time to make mobile work.

Mobile advertising allows us to connect with people in their most personal moments. But without the right tools, effectively reaching and measuring interactions with them is hard. Very hard. Site served creatives, multiple publisher reports, delayed launch dates, massive discrepancies from your desktop ad server. Sound familiar?

Servo frees you from this and gives you the time to do mobile right. With an easy to use, rock-solid campaign management workflow, consolidated and consistent reports, a detailed spec database of every publisher we have certified, and the most advanced attribution in mobile, Servo gives you the time to focus on results. And results are all that matter.

“Medialets has given us the ability to measure
and manage our mobile campaigns at scale.”

– Megan Pagliuca, Vice President & General Manager of Digital Media, Merkle

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You have the budget. Shouldn’t you have the best tools, too?

Servo is the most advanced ad server in mobile, built from the ground up to adapt to the world of device-based advertising. It’s capable of accurately measuring your campaigns no matter how complex the environment you’re buying may be, and is designed to grow as the media landscape continues to evolve.

“Servo is the first ad serving solution for mobile built specifically for the agency and marketer. It’s native to mobile, not a display solution with tacked on mobile features.”

– Ari Paparo, former Head of Advertiser Products, DoubleClick/Google

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Servo is everything an ad server should be. And nothing it shouldn’t.

We made Servo blisteringly fast and simple to use, because slow, complex tools lead to errors and cost you money. Our modern, clean user interface helps to catch errors before they happen by preventing the most common mistakes that occur in mobile. And because Servo is so easy to learn, it costs far less to train and support than its bulky, 15 year-old competitors.

“Servo is like a candy store for traffickers.”

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Brand or direct response, you want to know that your spend is working.

Have you ever launched a mobile app and seen a blank strip in place of a banner ad? An advertiser probably paid for that impression. With Servo, you’ll never pay for those impressions because we count only when the creative is delivered to the device, and our MRC accreditation lets you pay publishers off of Servo’s counts. We’ve seen scenarios where Servo cuts that sort of waste by more than 40%. With gains like that, Servo immediately pays for itself, and you get significantly more value out of your media dollars.

“Servo is much cleaner than other ad serving systems.”

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Serve everything. Everywhere.

Medialets has a long history with mobile rich media. And we go as deep in rich media as anyone, including both tools we give to you and managed services from one of the most creative teams in mobile. But Servo doesn’t just support rich media, because mobile is more than rich media. Billions of banner and video impressions run through Servo, too, as do lots and lots of click trackers against performance media. All managed in what we think is the cleanest, easiest to use interface in all of ad tech.

Mobile is apps. And web. And so is Servo.

Serving an HTML5 creative into an app with an MRAID2 SDK? Yep, we do all of those acronyms. Delivering a video into a beautifully-designed tablet web site? All day long. Marketing your own app and want to track conversions from the media you bought, both on the view and the click? Sure, no problem. And we can measure all of those as the same user on that same device.

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